Mission – Berlin

In light of yesterday’s post on Berlin, it seemed appropriate to seek out some related practice opportunities…and what do I find but a learn-German game set in Berlin!

Is that a TRIANGULAR pillow?

Check it out: it’s an audio series for absolute beginners, which is already exciting because guys? I am a total sucker for creative story telling mediums, and I especially love the potential of audio stories. It’s even set up in a game-like format that’s really hard to explain. I thought for sure it would annoy me but I’m actually having a lot of fun. You “Play” as a woman named Anna who is plunked down in Berlin in the middle of a murder case. Even with a lot of English explanations (exceptionally well-integrated into the story) it can be a bit hard to follow. That’s the point though, right? You’re there to learn, after all.

Overall, after playing the first couple episodes, I can certainly say I’m enjoying myself, which is the main point of this – do something fun that happens to be German. The story is suspenseful and complicated enough to be interesting, but simple enough to follow in German. There does seem to be an awful lot of English explanation, which I’m hoping will be phased out as I progress through the episodes.

Whether or not this game/podcast will deliver any concrete learning results remains to be seen (I’ll be sure to let you know). In the meantime, though, it’s a playful way to spend a few minutes!

Oh, and it’s also free. That’s important. And on iTunes. That’s slightly less important.

Happy listening!



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