Progress Report Week One – Brot und Wasser


Wow! First post! That’s exciting. And, I admit it, I’m cheating a little bit. It hasn’t really been a week. In fact, it’s been just under 48 hours since I first picked up my notebook, pencil, and flashcards and started learning German. But, it’s also a Sunday, so it’s time for the weekly update. This week: German movie fail and my first 25 words.

The German movie fail you can read about in a later post, but, without further ado, I give you: Saskia’s first 25 words in German!

  1. der = the (masculine)
  2. die = the (feminine)
  3. das = the (neuter)
  4. ein = a/an (masculine/neuter)
  5. eine = a/an (feminine)
  6. ich = I
  7. du = you
  8. er = he
  9. sie = she
  10. es = it
  11. wir = we
  12. ihr = y’all (aka. you, plural informal)
  13. sie = you (formal)
  14. sie = they
  15. sein = to be
  16. mann = man (masculine)
  17. junge = boy
  18. frau = woman (feminine)
  19. mädchen = girl
  20. kind = child
  21. mutter = mother
  22. trinkt = to drink
  23. wasser = water
  24. brot = bread
  25. hungrig = hungry

So, yeah. I’m pretty limited for what I can say right now – Ich bir eine frau? Now how is that helpful? – but, hey, it’s a start! I’m a little daunted by the whole triple-gender thing. The gendered nouns in French are my kryptonite, and that was when I only had to contend with masculine-feminine. The anthropology student in me is curious about the implications of a tri-gendered language for gender roles in German society. Are people who identify as neither male nor female, or as both, or as something else entirely, a little bit less stigmatized than in Canada? Meanwhile, the part of me that remembers I have to learn this all in 10 months is terrified. At least I won’t go hungry – I can always find a way to ask for some of that good ol’ brot and wasser.

…Okay honestly I’m a little excited. It took me nearly all summer to get my first 25 words when I was learning Turkish. I must be motivated by my impending sense of German University courses of doom.

Yes. That’s definitely it – motivation. Not that fact that “sie” repeats three times. Or that “the” also appears in three different variations…


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